Collagen Stimulators

The purpose of Collagen stimulators is to promote the production of natural Collagen in the body, which improves skin tone and texture. This process provides a more youthful appearance. Collagen-stimulating injectables offer more than just a filling effect. In fact, while they give some initial volume, they really work over time to stimulate collagen for long-lasting fullness. Anti Wrinkle Injections Anti Wrinkle treatments help relax the muscle which cause overlying wrinkles to form. Once these muscles are relaxed the wrinkles become softer and less apparent. This quick procedure is particularly effective in reducing the appearance of frown lines. Can also be used to treat headaches, migraines and teeth grinding.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers involve a combination of natural and synthetic materials. Each is used in a different way to rejuvenate your appearance. This substance is extremely effective in replenishing areas of volume loss, enhancing facial structure, and filling fine lines and wrinkles.
Dermal Fillers are used to fill out lines and softly restore the fullness of the lips, cheeks and other areas on the face such as tear troughs (under the eyes). As well as reducing wrinkles and filling in facial lines, they are also effective in restoring loss of volume.

Dermal fillers can also be used to replenish volume loss in other areas of the body, such as hands or décolletage, and often compliment surgical cosmetic treatment, to maintain and enhance the effects further.

Skin Booster Treatments

Skin Booster treatments can gradually rejuvenate the skin in areas such as the face, neck and hands. These range of treatments can help improve skin elasticity and texture as well as providing long lasting hydration.Your skin deserves to look its best; hydrated and nourished so it looks fresh, natural and radiant.
The treatment process consists of very fine injections into the area of the skin which will gradually improve skin quality resulting in a radiant glow. Three treatments 3-4 weeks apart followed by regular maintenance treatments every 6 months is all you will need to maintain your wonderful skin.