Inch Loss and Cellulite Reduction Injections

For inch loss and cellulite reduction, we use a slightly different technique called micro injections. What we do here, is inject directly into the problem area. Mesotherapy can be used anywhere on the body: the chin, under the arms, the backs of the neck and knees. In fact anywhere, there’s fat or cellulite, it’s really quite targeted.

All the Mesotherapy products for cellulite and inch loss are homeopathic, this is important to know and not get confused with other treatments offered. There is no down time and you can return back to work if needed.

We use anaesthetic creams to help with the pain side of things that we put on 10 -30 minutes before your treatment. The injections are simply a small stinging pain but when the needle is out the pain is gone. It can be uncomfortable but not agonising.

The cost is a lot less than you would think too. Small areas starts from $199, we also offer a discount for a series of 5 treatments.

Skin Prick Nutrition

For anti-aging we used skin prick nutrition where we just break the surface of the skin with a needle, this is not painful and can help to turn back the clock. By pricking the skin after a microdermabrasion, the vitamins and minerals penetrate deeper into the skin giving a much better result. Treatments are recommended monthly and are hugely popular.

Anti Cellulite Cream

Maintain your results with this amazing cream, buy in our online store or pop by and pick some up from the clinic. You wont regret it, its the best!!!!