Yellow Skin Peel

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Product Description

With powerful exfoliating action, stimulates the removal of epidermal and dermal-epidermal layers of skin, proportionally to the exposure time. Together with the rest of ingredients, it is a strong inhibitor of tyrosinase, therefore provides a clarifying and depigmenting effect. Treatment of hyperchromic spots, produced by sun, skin ageing and hormonal effects. Integral facial rejuvenation treatment fine wrinkles and acne scars, stretch marks, devitalized skin, without luminosity, matte, non-uniform coloring or dyschromic skins.

Retinol - 0.1%

Resorcinol - 14%

Trichloroacetic acid - 14%

Lactic acid - 13%

Salicylic acid - 5%

pH of this peel to 0.3-1.5

Professional Use Only